offer_saloon_left = Tired of low prices? Slip me some cash and the price at Left Inc. will never go below @{oilprice} next year.

offer_saloon_left =累的低價格?給我一些現金,在離開公司的價格不會低於“{ }明年油價。

offer_saloon_right = At Right Inc. the price can be even more right. For a small personal donation, our price will stay above @{oilprice} for the coming year.

offer_saloon_right =右公司價格可以更正確。一個小的個人捐贈,我們的價格會高於“{ }為明年油價。

offer_saloon_interest = Does a lower interest sound interesting? Pay me some cash and I’ll reduce next year’s interest rates by @{percentage}%.

offer_saloon_interest =做低利息聽起來很有趣嗎?給我一些錢,我會用“百分比”來降低明年的利率。

offer_saloon_spillage_discount = I can offer you a @{percentage}% discount on those hefty spilling fines for one year. Just pay me some cash, and tell nobody, OK?

offer_saloon_spillage_discount =我可以給你提供一個“{ }折那些沉重的百分比把罰款一年。隻要付我一些錢,告訴別人,好嗎?

offer_saloon_spillage_free = For some cash, I can look the other way the coming year if you spill oil, and forget about the fine, OK?

offer_saloon_spillage_free =一些現金,我可以期待來年的其他方式如果你溢油,然後忘記你的好,好嗎?

offer_saloon_prospect = Looking for a piece of land with lots of oil? Give me one of your shiny diamonds and I’ll point it out on the map.

offer_saloon_prospect =尋找一塊有很多油的土地?給我一個你的閃亮的鉆石,我會在地圖上指出它。